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Our team of dedicated attic conversions experts cover all areas of Greater Dublin (Northside and Southside) and have years of experience with all types of properties, from period homes to 1980’s bungalows and everything in between. We have overcome every imaginable challenge to create amazing attic conversions for our clients.

Planning Permission For Converting Your Attic

Whatever the reason for your project – be it to create an extra bedroom or living space, a home office or simply to create extra space for storage we are here to support you and answer your queries.

We are committed to a service charter of quality workmanship and customer service standards and who will work hard to ensure your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Contact us now on (01) 539 7282.

We can take charge of all elements of the construction from carpentry to plumbing and electrical providing you with a turnkey solution. Our team of expert builders and contractors can also provide house extensions, garage conversions and other aspects of home renovation and remodelling should you wish to explore further options for extending your home.

Why converting your attic is a great idea.

For the vast majority of people moving house in the short to medium term is not an option. Property prices are on the up again and becoming somewhat unaffordable to most. This is exacerbated by the much tighter mortgage lending rules which only further require people to remain in their current homes for longer.

Requiring 20% deposit and lending to only 3.5 times earnings the new Central Bank rules will see more families looking at their existing properties and examining how they can make it more suitable to their needs.

With this in mind it becomes necessary to assess how it is possible to create extra space in your existing home. As a result demand for attic conversions is on the increase as homeowners seek to find alternative and affordable solutions to acquire that extra space that their growing family or personal needs require.

Converting your attic is not only excellent solution to add more space – it is a great investment in your home, adding value and making it more saleable in the future.

It is actually estimated that an attic conversion can add at least 10% to your homes value, even when prices are unstable.

Attic Conversions FAQ

Can I have an ensuite in the attic.

This will depend on a number of factors; 1. Do you have sufficient room to create an ensuite with comfortable standing height for a shower? 2. Will you have sufficient water pressure in the attic? Water pressure, or lack of it, in the attic can pose issues for creating an ensuite. If your property does not have good water pressure there are solutions but they will add significantly to the cost of your ensuite.

Do I need to hire an architect for my attic conversion?

You do not need to hire an architect. However if your conversion in not straight forward, requires planning permission or your roof levels need to be raised then proper architect drawings may be required. We can advise on this requirement during our FREE onsite assessment.

What about planning permission and building regulations?

Please book your FREE onsite consultation for more specific detail on this matter. But in brief you can select to classify your conversion as habitable or non habitable space. Habitable space conversions require planning permission. Non habitable space conversions are most popular and do no require planning permission. However a conversion classified as non habitable cannot be marketed as an additional room in your home. Whilst your attic may not require planning permission it must comply with Irish building and fire regulations. For this reason it is important to always engage the services of an experienced attic conversion contractor, or an architect or structural engineer at the very least. Failure to comply with building and fire regulations will cause problems if you ever want to sell your home and may also create conflict with your home insurance cover. Either way you will need space to install a permanent stairs and stairwell to comply with fire safety regulations. So check that you have or can create the necessary space on the landing area below your attic. Top factors for compliance with building and fire regulations Stability of the structure for conversion – beams, joists, walls Fire resistance – doors and materials used Access and escape – stairs and windows Weather resistance and energy conservation – must protect from external conditions and retain heat Adequate ventilation – to provide for a comfortable living environment and allow for fresh air in and damp or stale air to escape.

How do I know if my attic is suitable for conversion?

You will need head clearance of at least 7 foot at the highest point of the attic for it to be usable. Additional factors to consider include roof pitch/angle and overall floor area. If the roof height is too low or the pitch is too steep and/or the floor area is too small it may not be possible to create a suitable living space. There are solutions to overcome such issues such as raising the roof height or adding dormer windows and you will need to consider if the costs associated with these additions fit with your budget. Another important aspect impacting on suitability will be access. Is there sufficient space to install an attic stairway to provide safe access for regular use.

How much value will it add to my home?

Between 10% and 30% depending on the original value of your home and the quality and size of the conversion.

How much will converting my attic cost?

Converting your attic could cost as little as €8,000 and up to €40k for a larger, more complex projects. Contact Us today for a quote or to arrange a Free onsite consultation.

How long does it take to complete?

Typically up to 2 weeks for a standard, straight forward conversion.

Are there any special building regulations or fire regulations which I need to consider?

If you proceed with your conversion without heeding the proper regulations you can end up with just an expensive storage space rather than an extra bedroom. There are five main points you need to be aware of. Structural Stability – are the ceiling joists and load bearing walls and even foundations up to the job? Fire Resistance – stairs need to be enclosed with a fire resistant door Access and Means of Escape – via stairs and VELUX® escape/access skylights Weather Resistance and Energy Conservation – The walls and roof must keep out the elements and retain heat, via insulation Ventilation – providing clean air to the living environment and venting moist or stale air, which would cause condensation and can lead to all kinds of structural problems over time If your newly converted attic doesn’t meet these building regulation criteria, then you can’t market it as an extra bedroom (only storage) and you won’t get the price you wanted for the property.

Why is it important to choose a dedicated attic contractor?

At Premier Attics we work with professionals who are dedicated to attic projects. As specialist contractors we are experienced at working within homes already occupied by families and homeowners. We respect your space and we respect your home. Our network of contractors have specialist methods and quality control standards in place to ensure the absolute minimum disruption to your home and family life. A specialist contractor will also have in depth knowledge of planning requirements and building regulations specific to your home and your conversion.



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