Standard & Basic Attic Conversions

Small changes can make big differences!

A basic attic conversion might not sound very exciting, however don’t underestimate the potential of that extra space, no matter how basic.

Imagine being able to get rid of all that clutter that is gobbling up all of that valuable space in your home. What would it mean for your home and your family?

All too often our precious living space can become overrun with ‘things’ – of clothing, exercise equipment, toys etc – which we don’t use everyday but we need to be able to access on a regular basis.  Just be clearing out some of these items and moving them up into a new converted attic space we are already making our home more spacious and pleasant.

What could the extra floor space mean too? A space for yoga, for a pool table, space for a piano for a budding musician, or a telescope for a budding astronomer. Or as simple as space to set up an ironing board.

A basic attic conversion should always include;

Paint everything white, or brightly coloured to inject some personality and you could have a beautiful, flexible space. And at the same time free up all that valuable space in the rest of your home.

Thinking of selling your home? Creating a basic loft conversion could make your home more saleable. It will make the rest of your home seem more spacious and a basic conversion will allow the new owners put their own stamp on the space. So if they feel your home is missing an extra bedroom, or space for an office, etc they can always create those spaces with very little extra effort in the attic!

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